Forum’s Main Rules

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Registration on the forum is allowed via LinkedIn only.

Do not post offensive, threatening, defamatory, pornographic messages, as well as calls for ethnic hatred and other messages that may violate the laws of Ukraine or international law. It is also prohibited to discuss politics, various national movements, religions, terrorism, etc. This is a programmers’ forum! For other topics - there are other sites.

Follow these simple rules of decency: do not swear, do not insult forum participants, do not provoke holivar. If you think that someone is wrong about something or if you want to prove something to someone, send all arguments and accusations to the offender in a direct message. Public clarifications, disputes or holivars provoke mass hysteria, such messages will be deleted without warning and explanation of the reasons, and topics will be closed. If this happens again, the instigator may be banned.

It is forbidden to discuss hacking of any programs on the forum. For files or links to crack, serial numbers, keygens, and other pirated content - the user will be banned without warning or explanation.

It is prohibited to engage in illegal commercial activities on the forum: sell someone else's graphics, music, various accounts or programs that are registered for specific users, including licenses that have already been activated for a specific user.

Do not flood, write messages strictly on the topic of the forum.

Necroposting is prohibited. Old topics may be revived only in case of absolute necessity!

Do not spam on the forum and don’t litter topics with useless links to third-party websites that have nothing to do with the topic of creating plugins for the MAEF.DEV platform or its development.

When creating new topics, use readable headings that reflect their essence and clearly express their meaning. Correct topic and question titles: "How to make a UI plugin with jQuery grid?", "An example of a SOAP request proxy plugin backend", "A tutorial on creating the first APIUI plugin". Incorrect topic and question titles: "Help me!!!", "Small question ...", "One more question, please don't delete !!!", "New cool lesson", "Cool plugin source". Such topics will be sent to the "Trash" section. The author will have 3 days to rename the topic, otherwise it will be deleted.

Adhere spelling! Nobody forces you to write as an excellent student, just turn on the spelling check in the browser, and replace everything that will be underlined in red with the correct words. The answer to it will depend on how correctly you formulate and write your question on the forum. Remember this!

Before asking a question - use the search! Most likely your question has already sounded somewhere and the answer has been received. It's also worth taking a look at the Tutorials or Examples section and trying to find the answer there.

Don't be lazy! Before asking a question, try to think about a solution yourself. Nobody will make your plugin for you.

Do not lie! If you promised money for completing the task, but in the end did not keep your promise and did not pay, and this will be proven – the result would be a lifetime ban! The same applies to those who undertake a prepaid assignment. If you received money in advance, but did not complete the task and disappeared - a lifetime ban! Appreciate the time and work of other forum participants and never deceive anyone! The administration of the forum does not participate in disputes and proceedings between the customer and the contractor. If you want to be insured against fraud, then take an advance payment, at least 50%. So you can be sure that the customer will not be lost. If you have evidence of a specific violation of the forum rules, and you want to report a user, then write to the forum administrators.

Signature should not contain spam links, as well as banners or half-screen wide pictures (even if they are in spoilers). If you want to add a picture to the signature, then make it so that it does not interfere with other participants and does not distract them from reading the topic. Also keep in mind that large images, text, or HTML5 applications cannot be inserted into the signature and Spoilers.

CAPS and smiley spam. Messages written in CAPSLOCK, as well as smiley incontinence like: 😊😉😀⛑️♟️🙁😊😉😀⛑️♟️🙁 ️will be considered as bad manners, followed by a warning, reprimand, and removal of similar posts and topics. Write like civilized people.

Reputation on the forum. For help and useful information, forum members can thank you with a positive reputation. If, on the contrary, you provoke other participants, flood or behave disrespectfully, then your reputation can significantly drop (even go into the negative).

The administration does not participate in the showdown between participants and cannot restore your reputation. If you were given a minus, then there was a reason for that. If you are sure that it was not deserved, then you can write a message to the participant who decreased your reputation and ask him for a reason. Perhaps he did it by mistake. Then just ask him to put you a plus and it will return balance to your reputation. So what if you have a negative reputation? First, you need to understand why your reputation is being lowered and not to do it again. Secondly, you need to start helping forum participants in solving their problems, as well as write useful lessons and make high-quality examples. You can also improve your reputation by demonstrating your own plugins or your creativity, for example, showing nice interfaces of UI plugins. Remember! Reputation is a reflection of your actions on the forum. The more useful things you do - the higher your reputation will be.

Those who misuse of lowering / increasing of other participants’ reputation (especially without a reason) - an option to set a reputation will be disabled.

By publishing sources and examples
, you agree that they automatically become the Public Domain and can be downloaded and used by forum users at their discretion. We do not delete them on demand!

Thanks to the forum for the original text of the forum rules.

Everyone can suggest rules that he would like to establish on the forum. If they are normal and adequate, then we will add them to the general list of rules.
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